Flexible Learning

Flexible learning is an alternative way of gaining certification. for some of our further training modules.



We understand that you all learn at a different pace 

Not everyone enjoys and thrives in a group learning environment

We know that many of you have to travel a long way to train with us

 Sometimes the dates listed for our training modules are not right for you

Flexible learning allows you to study and practice at home

When you feel ready, contact us to arrange a one to one face to face session to gain certification.

This is how it works:

1. Choose the module or modules that you wish to study.

2. Complete the Booking Form and pay in full.

3. You will receive links to the detailed videos of your chosen modules.

4. You study and practice at home,  at your own pace 

5. When you feel ready get in touch and we will arrange a 60 minute, on-line or face to face, support session.

6. At the end of the support session we will agree a way forward, you may need to practice more or you may be ready to gain certification

7. When you are ready to gain certification we book a one to one, face to face certification day, this is a whole day of private tuition leading to certification.

Important Additional Information

You must have completed Qigong Module B and Body Alignment module B to study via Flexible learning.

You can study several modules at the same time and book consecutive certification days, to reduce the need for travel.

 Flexible learning certification days will usually be Monday to Friday as we have very limited availability at weekends.

There is no time limit on completing the training. Some people may wish to learn and not gain certification.

Once you book and pay for the flexible training you are not able to cancel and ask for a refund at a later date.

Some Further Training Modules are not available via Flexible Learning, these are:

Qigong Module B

Body Alignment Module B

Energy Module B

Exploring Shibashi Set 1 while Seated

Qigong Module C