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Group Dance



Qigong Masterclass 4 - Recorded on 14 January 2021

Exploring: The breath and how it works with the correct stance structure to create the movement. We never move the arms independently. Examples used: Opening Energy Gates, Opening the Treasure Chest, Painting a Rainbow, Rowing a Boat, Supporting a Ball, Flying Goose.

Qigong Masterclass 5 - Recorded on 11 February 2021

Exploring: The energy of Winter moving into Spring. Exploring Water into Wood within Qigong using Rowing a Boat

Qigong Masterclass 6 - Recorded on 11 March 2021

Exploring: Spring and the Wood Element, Using the eyes & the wood element within Qigong using Rowing a Boat

Qigong Masterclass 7 - Recorded 8 April 2021

Exploring: Spring/Wood with a hint of Summer/Fire, Painting a Rainbow Rooted stance, Connecting through the arms, Using the eyes.

Qigong Masterclass 8 - Recorded 6 May 2021

Exploring: Rooting through the feet, Gathering Flowers Qi Exercise. Exploring Energy using Opening the Treasure Chest, Wild Dove Spreads its Wings, Balancing the Qi & Standing Zen.

Qigong Masterclass 9 - Recorded 3 June 2021

Exploring the Wood element within Bear Stance and Bouncing Ball. Introduction to the Fire Element.

Qigong Masterclass 10 - Recorded 8 July 2021

Exploring: The Fire Element, Considering conditions: Menopause & Blood Pressure. Hands: Opening the channels using Lao Gong

Qigong Masterclass 11 - Recorded 5 August 2021

Exploring: The Fire Element, the 4 linked meridians and the properties of the heart. Scooping the Sea in relation to the heart meridian.

Qigong Masterclass 12 - Recorded 2 September 2021

Introducing the Earth Element, its connections to our physical body, emotions and what it means in relation to how we interact in our everyday life & exploring the Flying Wild Dove.

Qigong Masterclass 13 - Recorded 7 October 2021

Introducing the Metal Element. Locating and working with Lung and Large Intestine Meridians, Warrior Breath, Exploring Charging the Fist and Bouncing Ball

Qigong Masterclass 14 - Recorded 4 November 2021

Exploring: Energy with Opening the treasure chest, The beautiful palm and The Metal Element.

Qigong Masterclass 15 - Recorded 2 December 2021

Exploring: Winter. Qigong for the season and the importance of stances




Qigong Masterclass 1 Recorded on 8 October 2020

Exploring: Layers of Relaxation, Opening Energy Gates, Rolling the Arms, Flying Wild Goose, Yin Yang Rebalance.

Qigong Masterclass 2Recorded on 5 November 2020

Exploring: The Wild Dove Spreads its Wings, Condensing lung energy, The relationship between the lungs and the kidneys.

Qigong Masterclass 3  - Recorded on 3 December 2020

Exploring: The relationship between the body structure and the key energy points. Also techniques to improve the energy flow through the arms.